The Cows Keep Comin’

So there’s this cat Aegeus

he’s not really a cat
he’s a dude
but what he is
is impotent
but see they do not have cock doctors in Athens
which he is the king of
so he just keeps marrying different chicks
and testing their wombs
to see if he can grow kids in them
finally he gets fed up
and goes to the oracle at delphi
who is not a qualified physician at all
and so just makes up some bullshit riddle Aegeus doesnt get
so he goes and sees his smarter friend Pittheus
who is the king of this place Troezen
and is like hey dude
what does this riddle mean
and Pittheus is like haha oh man i totally get it
but how about instead of telling you the answer
i let you sleep with my hot daughter Aethra
and Aegeus is like can it be both
and Pittheus is like nope
and Aegeus is like SEX AHOY
so he goes on a boner bender with the king’s daughter
but see what he doesnt know is that Poseidon
is also fucking her
not only is poseidon the god of the sea
and the god of the land
and the god of earthquakes and cows
he is also the god of STEALTH SEX
some people call that rape
i call those people closed-minded
anyway Aethra gets pregnant
probably because she is getting bonked by a GOD
and not just by some impotent king
and so before he leaves, Augeus takes a sword
and he takes his sandals
and he puts them under this reeeeeeally heavy rock
and is like ok
when my kid is strong enough to lift that rock
he can come find me in my kingdom
and have him bring the sword and the sandals so i know who he is
probably i will not recognize him
because i do not intend to be a good father
so Aethra has a son
his name is Theseus
and Theseus is really anxious to move this rock
and go adventuring
maybe he just wants to stab his asshole deserting father
i mean who does that
who goes through all that effort to have a kid
like to the point
of consulting an ORACLE
and then hides all the family heirlooms under a heavy rock
and leaves
anyway theseus is like 16 at the point
and his muscles are way too scrawny to lift this rock
so instead of waiting
or like
getting stronger
he just builds a pulley system
and uses that to move the rock
pretty crafty
so Theseus sets out to walk to Athens
the main problem with this
is that for some reason
every thug in the entire goddamn universe
has decided to camp out on this road
so the first dude theseus runs into
is called Periphetes
his gimmick
is he has a club
and he kills people with it
theseus cleverly gives him a taste of his own medicine
by beating him to death and taking his club
the next dude Sinis is a little more clever
he ties dudes to two trees that he has bent over
and then he lets go of the trees
and tears the dudes in half
what theseus does here is really inspired
see he takes Sinis
and he ties him to two trees that he has bent over
and then he lets go of the trees
and tears sinis in half
after that he kills some fucking wild boar
that just happens to fuck with him
and then he comes upon
the cleverest motherfucker yet
this dude is named Sciron
and what he does
is he hangs out by some cliffs
and when people come by he is like hey wash my feet
and when they are like durrr ok
he kicks them into the sea
and then they get eaten by turtles
now Theseus knows that this guy is not to be trifled with
he’s got to think of something really special
in order to outsmart him
so what he does
is he kicks Sciron into the sea so he gets eaten by turtles
at this point shit is starting to get a little predictable
but then Theseus mixes shit up
by just picking up this dude Cercyon
and crushing him with his bare hands
no bullshit
just raw manliness
then the next guy is the ultimate sonofabitch
his name is Procrustes
his name sounds like something where
if you woke up and found it growing on your dick
you would call the CDC
but that is not even the worst thing about him
because what he does
is he offers people a place to say for the night
and he has a bed
and it is a really weird sized bed
which sucks
because if you are too big to fit in the bed
he chops off your limbs until you fit
and if you are too small
he stretches you
so what does Theseus do to this guy?
Does he, by any chance, put him on his own bed
and then chop off his limbs until he fits in the bed?
you know some people call these punishments “ironic”
this is not irony guys
this is lack of originality
is what this is
but no one besides me seems to care about that
because by the time Theseus gets to Athens
he is extremely famous
so famous
that Aegeus is really suspicious
that Theseus is gonna try and take his throne
i mean remember
he has never seen this kid before
he doesn’t know who he is at ALL
so he is like alright smart guy
if you’re so great
how about you kill this cow that hercules left wandering around
all over our countryside
killing the men
deflowering the women
so theseus is like yeah no problem
goes out
kills the cow
and is like alright what next
and the king is so fucking thick
he still does not realize this is his kid
although actually it probably isn’t
it’s probably poseidon’s kid
but anyway
his wife medea DOES realize what’s going on
but she doesnt want Theseus to be the prince
cause she wants HER son to be the prince
so she is like hey hey Aegeus
you know what you should do
poison this guy
even though he has done nothing but good for your kingdom
and Aegeus is like sure why not
so he puts some poison in some wine
and is like hey Theseus wanna die
and theseus is like did i mention I’m your son
here check out this sword i found under a rock
and Aegeus is like OH SNAP
and then he turns to his wife like
so all is well for a bit
but then there’s a problem
see one of the lame things about athens
is that it is completely pussywhipped by crete
so every nine years
Athens fills up a boat
with seven men and seven women
and sends them over to crete
so king Minos can feed them all to his horrible cowson
the minotaur
oh also you might remember this from before
but the cow Theseus had to kill?
that came from Crete too
in fact that was the minotaur’s dad
Crete is all about cows for some reason
so anyway it comes time for athens to do this again
and theseus is like hold up
i am suicidally reckless
how about you send me over on the boat
instead of one of the other dudes
and his dad is like
well i AM a shitty father
go for it son
so the doomboat sails over to Crete
and everybody gets off to go get sacrificed
but as soon as theseus gets off the boat
this chick Ariadne
who happens to be Minos’ daughter
so she sneaks up to him
and is like hey
take this sword and this string
hopefully they will make you live
and then we can fuck later
and theseus is like holy shit
my day just went from awful to amazing
and it is all because of you and your tits
so he goes into the maze where the minotaur lives
ahem excuse me labyrinth
and he leaves a trail of string behind him
so he will know how to get out
because the right hand rule has not been invented yet
and he goes right to the middle of the maze
and sees the minotaur sleeping there
and just straight up stabs it in the head
before it even has a chance to react
and then he flees the labyrinth
along with the 13 other people
see actually this raises a question
which is how does a half-man-half-cow
100% maneating BEAST
survive on 14 people EVERY NINE YEARS
but i guess it’s not really that important
cause the minotaur is dead anyway
so then Theseus flees Crete with Ariadne
and they go honeymoon on this island Naxos
where Dionysus sees Ariadne and is like
and steals her
which i think is really just code for
she was an alcoholic
and passed out in a ditch
and theseus abandoned her
so he’s on the ship with the other survivors
heading back to Athens
but he makes a crucial mistake
which is he forgets that before he left
he promised his dad
that if they were coming back alive
he would change the ship’s black flag to a white one
no matter that the ship is clearly sailing back
and sailing back requires a crew
Aegeus sees the black flag and is so retardedly depressed
he throws himself off a cliff into the sea and dies
maybe he even gets eaten by turtles
but actually
this turns out to be a pretty amazing political move
on everybody’s part
because Theseus becomes king
and Aegeus gets the whole sea he threw himself into
named after him
but just because Theseus is king
does not mean he is gonna stop going on adventures
fuck no
he sails to the kingdom of the amazons
and is like hey hippolyta
wanna get married
and hippolyta is like well i mean
it’s definitely against everything i stand for
as queen of the amazons
but ok
so they get married
and have a son
what do i keep saying
Theseus is not a creative guy
anyway shortly after that
theseus is like PSYCHE
i am leaving you hippolyta
because i am suddenly more attracted
to minos’ other daughter Phaedra
gonna divorce you
get married to Phaedra instead
so on the day of the wedding
Hippolyta just kind of wanders into the ceremony
and kills herself
totally buzzkilling the party
then after that
Phaedra falls in love with hippolytus
who does not want anything to do with her cooch
so she gets all pissy
and tells Theseus his son tried to seduce her
and theseus gets double pissed
and tells poseidon to kill his son
so poseidon sends a cow
big surprise
to scare the shit out of hippolytus’ horses
and make him crash
but its ok because theseus totally apologizes to his son
as he watches him dying
then he starts looking for a new wife
he picks the perfect woman
helen of troy
only problem:
Helen is ten years old
but it’s okay
this is greece
pedophilia is in
so Theseus gets his friend Perithoos
and is like dude
help me kidnap ten-year-old helen
and then i will help you kidnap a chick
and Perithoos is like damn ok
so they kidnap helen
and then perithoos is like alright i want persephone
and theseus is like fuck seriously
and perithoos is like well i mean i can always take helen back home
and theseus is like shit fine
so they go down to hades
and hades surprises them
by actually being a good host
and inviting them in
like hey guys whats up
sit down in these incredibly comfy chairs
while i get some pomegranates for you
oh by the way i have no intention of giving you persephone
and actually those chairs you are sitting in
are made of rohypnol or something
they will sap your memory and you wont be able to get up
dont fuck with my wife assholes
so shit is pretty miserable for theseus and his friend
until hercules comes down to the underworld to get cerberus
and is like oh hey Theseus
i was wondering where you were
hey nice job killing that bull i let run wild in your kingdom
and theseus is like FLUB BLUB BLUB BLOP
because he cant talk because of the roofie chair
and hercules is like oh dude let me just smash that for you
so he does
and then they totally forget about theseus’ friend
and theseus goes back up to the regular world
but all is not well
cause while he was gone
everyone got pissed about how he kidnapped Helen
and they sent her home
and then someone else took over the kingdom
so now he has to flee
and he runs to the kingdom of this prick Lycomedes
who is like sure theseus
you can definitely stay here
as long as you dont mind me shoving you over the edge of a cliff when you’re not expecting it
those athenian cliffs man
they’re brutal
so that’s how theseus dies
getting pranked the same way he pranked Sciron
and the same way his dad died
so i guess the moral is
don’t live near cliffs

The end


Hey Guys Lets Convert to Christianity

Whats up guys

i thought today would be a good day
to tell a slightly less ancient myth
with slightly more extremely heavy handed christian overtones
so check it out
there is this city right
somewhere in Libya or something
who the fuck knows where it is
it’s called Silene
it’s a totally made up place anyway
you know how i know its a made up place
is because it has a lake right next to it
and in the lake
is a fucking dragon
real cities do not have this
if you are a real city
and the lake next to your city is full of a dragon
not just a dragon actually
but a disease infested dragon
that poisons the water supply
and spreads disease
you move your fucking city
you do not hang out
and try to appease the dragon
but that is exactly what these people do
they figure
oh hey
maybe if we feed the dragon a bunch of sheep
it will leave us alone
and that works for a while
but then the dragon i guess realizes what retarded chumps these people are
and is like NO MORE SHEEP
so the townsfolk are like fuck
i guess we have to start feeding this dragon some children
so to make it fair
they set up like
a lottery
where instead of winning fabulous cash prizes
you win your children getting fed to a siphylitic sea beast
and this works for a while
until the lucky winner of the lottery one time
just happens to be
the king
his name is Selinus by the way
real creative
so the villagers are like hey dude
time to feed your daughter to the dragon
and the king is like no guys come on
it was cool when you guys were losing your kids
but i’m the king
do you realize how rich I am
i am above the law
and the villagers are like no dude
you are definitely not
and the king is like how about if I give you all my gold and shit
and like half my kingdom
can i keep my daughter
and the villagers are like no
how would we even divide that up
anyway we are pretty committed to proving a point now actually
rules are rules
so the Selinus is like fuck fine
go chain up my daughter by the lake
so they do that
after dressing her up like a bride
presumably because the dragon has a fetish
or because maybe a poofy wedding dress will fill him up faster
and mean their village is safe longer
fuck i dont know
they just do it alright
and while shes standing there all chained up
ready to die
this dude saint george comes riding by
on his way to like
bless some water
smite some unbelievers
kiss some babies
you know
saint stuff
and hes like hey guys hows it WHOA
and the princess is like chill out dude
i am just going to get eaten by a dragon real quick
you should leave before he gets here
so you dont also get eaten
and saint george is like fuck that
no dragon can stand up against the power of JESUS CHRIST
so he hangs out with this chick waiting for the dragon to show up
and when it does
he buffs himself up
by making the sign of the cross
and then he charges the dragon
and stabs it with his lance
and the dragon is like owww fuckkkk
and saint george is like quick woman
throw your girdle around its neck
trust me
so she does
and the dragon just gets so emasculated
that from that point on it will only do what the princess says
this dragon is not very secure in his sexuality
it just takes one article of women’s clothing
and woop
there goes his self worth
so the dragon follows them all the way back to the village
and all the villagers are like holy fucking shit asshole
what have you done
the dragon is going to eat all of our houses
and give us rabies
and then give our rabies aids
why didnt you just let the bitch get eaten
go away go away
and saint george is like chill out dudes
the dragon is totally emasculated right now
its not gonna do shit
and then he gets real quiet
and he moves in real close to the villagers
and he is like guys
you wanna see me kill a dragon
and the villagers are like
and saint george is like alright guys i’m totally gonna do it
but you gotta do something for me first
you gotta convert to christanity
all fifteen thousand of you
and the villagers are like whaaaaaaat
but they do it
because they are really hard up for entertainment
in their little made up kingdom in libya
and its not every day you get to see a dude slay a dragon
so saint george goes around
baptizing all of these motherfuckers
and meanwhile the dragon has to just stand there
knowing exactly what is about to happen
not being able to do anything about it
because it just feels
so finally
AFTER all the baptisms
saint george walks over and slays the fuck out of the dragon
and it puts up no resistance
and then the king builds a church
right where the diseased dragon died
which to me seems like
an even worse idea
than building your house on an indian burial ground
but anyway it turns out pretty ok
because the altar in the church
sprays out water
that cures all dieases
how sweet is that
now guys
listen up
because there is something you should know about this myth
this myth is like
the official myth of England
the values illustrated in this myth
are supposed to be like
the founding values of their country
so basically everyone in england
is supposed to be a lance-wielding murder machine
who wants nothing more
than to baptize massive crowds of people
and dress dudes up in women’s clothing

God Save The Queen.


This still counts as Tuesday cause i havent slept yet

So listen the fuck up

there is this nymph Liriope
she is blue
literally her skin is blue
that’s not really important to the story
i’m just giving you all the facts
anyway one day she’s out near some river
and the local river god Cephisus
who no one has ever fucking heard of
is like daaaaaaamn
maybe if i rape this nymph
the other gods will take me seriously
start inviting me to parties and shit
so he half drowns poor Liriope by encircling her
with his winding streams
wink wink
and then at that point she really has nothing to do
but get seduced by him
and have his kid
this kid is named Narcissus
Narcissus is fucking gorgeous
like imagine if someone could look
exactly like bacon tastes
and you have a pretty good picture of narcissus
and so his mom is like oh fuck
my skin is fucking BLUE
and i STILL got raped
what the hell is going to happen to my kid
who is not even a year old and already has DSL
dsl stands for dick sucking lips by the way
so she takes narcissus to see the baddest motherfucker in the land
who is of course tiresias the prophet
and tiresias looks up from his work
which is beating snakes to death with a stick
whenever they try to get their freak on
and is like what do you want
and Liriope is like is my son going to get raped
and Tiresias is like bitch please
kid’s gonna be fine
just as long as he DOESN’T COME TO KNOW HIMSELF
and Liriope is like what the fuck does that mean
and Tiresias is like quiet woman i think i hear some snakes having sex somewhere
and runs off
so liriope is just like whatever
and narcissus grows up to be a strapping young lad
so strapping in fact
that by the time he is 16
in his town
wants to bang the shit out of him
but narcissus is like sorry ladies
i have unreasonably high standards
based on my own appearance
so basically no one is happy
then one day
narcissus goes walking in the forest
where bad shit just generally tends to happen
and this nymph named Echo sees him
and of course being as this nymph is female
she is instantly head over vagina in love with him
there is a problem though
which is that echo is not just like
some kind of playful nickname
it refers to the fact
that she cannot say anything except for shit she has just heard other people say
like the worst parrot ever
but a chick
so she is stalking narcissus through the woods
not able to say anything
but i guess she makes some kind of noise
cause then narcissus is all WHO’S THERE?
and echo is like WHO’S THERE?
and Narcissus is like NARCISSUS
and echo is like NARCISSUS
and narcissus is like YES
and echo is like YES
and this goes on for a while
because echo can’t say anything original
and narcissus is kind of a retard
but eventually echo gets it into her head
that narcissus is totally down for some sexy times
so she jumps out of the bushes
and runs towards him
most likely totally nude
and narcissus is like hey totally naked hot nymph
allow me to introduce you
to my unreasonably high standards
unreasonably high standards
meet naked hot nymph
naked hot nymph
unreasonably high standards
so echo runs back into the woods crying
except she probably cant even cry
without hearing someone else do it first
anyway she gets pretty butthurt about the whole thing
and just mopes around the forest
until her body actually DISAPPEARS
and only her voice remains
and then she uses that voice
to pray to aphrodite
or actually venus because this is the roman version of the story
and is like fuck this dude up for me ok
im not sure how she managed to make up this prayer all on her own
but i like to think she probably did it
by hanging around the legions of chicks
who all wished narcissus was dead because he wouldnt bone them
so venus hears the prayer and is like DONE
and narcissus suddenly gets super thirsty
and the only water in the woods happens to be this deep pool
of crystal clear springwater
so narcissus starts drinking the shit out of it
but then he stops
because he realizes what he is drinking
is the face
of the most beautiful man he has ever seen
he falls so in love with this hunk of pubescent glory
that he pines after this dude
for like
until he realizes
oh shit
the dude in the pond is actually a reflection OF NARCISSUS HIMSELF
because apparently
he has NEVER
he has never taken a bath
or like
had a cup of water
or you know
stared REALLY HARD at a bald guy
he has lead a pretty sheltered life apparently
so anyway he gets REALLY DEPRESSED
and like rips off all his clothes
and refuses to eat
which just makes him more attractive to himself
but it also makes him dead
and he goes down to basically
the shittiest part of hell
and spends the rest of forever staring at his reflection
in the river styx
which is the grossest river of all time
probably all full of dead guy goop and like broken condoms and shit
meanwhile echo’s voice shows up in the woods
and finds narcissus’ body
and is like dammit
wish i’d kept my body
cant even rape his corpse now
and she kind of feels pretty bad about the whole thing
and makes a flower grow out of his corpse
so from now on every time you see a narcissus flower
just remember
that if you are beautiful
you should never drink water
it is too dangerous

the end