Here it is
the big mama of shirts
designed by Sarah E Melville
suitable for big mamas and little babies alike
you will have to get creative with the little babies
but I am sure you can find a way to put this on them
anyway then if Loki steals your baby
everybody will be on the same page.

UPDATE: 10-17-13

I don’t have any more of this shirt. The screen I used to make it is broken, and I don’t have the time or resources to make a new one. If some industrious screen-printer wants to go into business with me, by all means drop me a line.




  1. This shirt is possibly the most important item in my wardrobe. When crises occur, I merely need point to my chest to indicate my lack of culpability.

    • …Holy shit, is this the same SnigePippi from Riverside HQ? I’m zolac_no_miko, used to be songless_psiren. SMALL INTERNET, WOW.

  2. Hey there,
    just recieved my shirt :)
    …to answer your question: i don’t own Reichenbach, unfortunatly. That would be kinda cool… but i love the shirt. Am I right to assume, that its gotta be handwashed?

  3. Hi. Can you tell me how many inches wide the small women’s shirt is? I can’t find a sizing chart and I want to make sure I get the right size.

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  5. I would really like to get a shirt, but what is the sizing difference between the ladies’ large and a men’s medium?

  6. Aw crapdammit, you just had to wait until I already spent a bunch of money this month to stop making these shirts. Fine. Fine, I see how it is. Take my money, then, you magnificent bastard. +_+

  7. Just got the shirt in the mail! It is soooooooo epic, thank you x1000000 infinity!

    P.S. I am planning on being a DJ, yes.

    Keep on being cool, man!

  8. Please, please, please for the love of Odin, will you make more? I really want one and if you’re worried about business I’ll recommend them to all my Viking-loving friends!

  9. I definitely need one of these. I hope you start making them again sometime. Only a genius can come up with something as hilarious as this.

  10. Your Norse myths are my favorite! I read them aloud at parties. I’d buy this shirt in any color, but I agree with Aughtumn that dark green with yellow would work…

    Any chance you’d write up more Norse myths in honor of the reprint? :-)

  11. Um, I am kind of a crazy person so I would suggest something like FUSCHIA or CHARTREUSE, with, idk, black lettering or something. …But actually the charcoal with black sounds really nice, I would totally buy that.

    Well honestly I would buy it in any color, so long as it’s legible.

  12. I want this shirt SO BADLY, but I don’t have a credit card. Would it be possible to include PayPal as a payment option, please? :)

  13. I’d like to know if this t-shirt is available again. If not what should I do? I want it so badly :( Is there the possibility to print it on one’s own?

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