The Inferno tried to damn God, but God was having none of it.

Alright here is part 2
and then tomorrow is going to be part three
and then on tuesday I am going to FINALLY TELL THE ACTUAL GRAIL STORY
so sit tight
but not too tight
sitting too tight is bad for your crotch

I don’t care if you are a man or a woman
crotches need to breathe
it is a fact of science


3 thoughts on “The Inferno tried to damn God, but God was having none of it.

  1. I would do the text version of this series but I am sWAMPED. Literally. There is a literal swamp that I am unhappily nestled in. OF PAPERWORK.
    Ok but yeah if you give me a few months (hey, I don’t see any rush of volunteers) I’ll type it up.
    P.S. Dude. DUDE. You talk like a person -an irreverent, profane person- most of the time, but then there are genius lines like ‘people don’t fuck tornadoes’. PEOPLE DON’T FUCK TORNADOES. I’m calling up a petition for a t-shirt. Just saying that you are a goddamn literary wizard. Thank you for existing.

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