Alexander The Great is a Torrent of Testosterone

Hello jerks
did you know that today
is somebody’s BIRTHDAY?
well yes you could probably have guessed that
babies are just popping off ALL THE TIME around here
but what is different about the particular baby I am referring to
is that this one has a fabulously wealthy husband
who has paid me top dollar to serenade his (not actually a baby) wife
with a bawdy yarn about history’s agreed-upon king of everything
that’s right
I’m talking about the man himself
the Ragin’ Eurasian Invasion
(also this birthday girl’s day job
is to spend her days looking at crude illustration of monkey anuses for Britain
so i think my pity/awe would have motivated me to do this anyway
whether or not I was paid
haha dude i already have your money)

So Alexander the Great
This guy’s ass is so bad
chairs refuse to let him sit on them
for fear they might burst into flames
his ass is so bad
the only kind of pants he can wear
are those baby pants with the trapdoor for your poop
and the trapdoor always has to be open
his ass is so bad
he is constantly asking people if they want to swap asses
because honestly all of that stuff i mentioned is supremely inconvenient
luckily he is king of basically anything
which means he can have whatever ass he wants
(more on this later)

we’ll begin our tale with the day Alexander wakes up and is like hey
I just took over greece and most of europe or whatever
but you know what would really hit the spot right now?
so he sprints into Asia
literally chucking spears at ground just to have stuff to chuck spears at
and basically the first thing that happens
is he gets ambushed by this Persian king named Darius
(let me explain this whole thing with Darius
in case you are not too hot on your ancient history
you remember 300?
well those spartan dudes were great and all
but they eventually lost because come on
and Persia eventually steamrolled Greece
despite everyone’s best efforts
and then Darius
but then Alexander!
but then still Darius
kind of)

anyway Darius tries to kill Alexander
by doing stupid things like attacking with swords and outnumbering him eight to one
and Alex just swats the persian army aside with his enormous dong
bangs Darius’s wife
then bangs Darius’s MOM
(okay that last one is conjecture
but he does take her captive
and then when she has a chance to go back to the persians
she’s just like nah
so my informed historical hypothesis
is that dick was gettin laid DOWN
maybe hot incestuous THREE-WAY dick
which we all know is the best kind)

but pretty soon alexander runs into trouble
the trouble is that he wants to take over this island called Tyre
and none of his dudes are mermaids or boats or zepplins
so he’s sort of stuck
or at least that’s what the citizens of Tyre think
what ALEXANDER thinks, on the other hand

so after a less-than-satisfying negotiation with the people of Tyre
Alexander stomps back to his army
grabs a handful of dirt
drops it in the bay
so they do
they drop sand into that bay for SEVEN MONTHS
building a land bridge that ACTUALLY STILL EXISTS
and the whole time the Tyrians are throwing boiling sand at them
and making mean faces and talking shit
and finally Alexander is like fuck it
let’s just build some boats
prolly should’ve done this to begin with
and then he and his 40,000 men take over Tyre and kill ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY
because like
that’s seven months none of those dudes are ever gonna get back
not like they could’ve just walked on by and conquered something else
no, see that would have made SENSE
real men do not make sense
they make THREATS

then he takes over the cliff fortress of Oxyartes
with an elite force of 300 pissed off mountain climbers
and defeats King Porus’s army by fake attacking him every night for a SOLID MONTH
like a massive high-stakes game of i’m-not-touching you
before finally running over and murdering everyone when they get too bored
and I guess on top of being a military badass
alexander is also a pretty nice dude
because he becomes best bros with pretty much all the kings he conquers
except the king of Tyre because that dude is SUPER DEAD

but let’s get back to what really matters:
specifically three hundred of the choicest asses in the known world
these asses belong to a cadre of babealicious amazons
(when will spell check finally recognize babealicious as a valid word)
and this cadre is lead by that most licious of babes
THE (totally fictional) QUEEN OF THE AMAZONS
what is this foxy battalion of confirmed lesbians doing in Alexander’s war camp?
obviously not fighting
that is not what women are for in these types of tales
these ladies are here
because see, not many people know this
but Alexander the Great and his contemporaries
lived in a time before test-tube babies
if you wanted fire screaming meat-pucks out your honeypot
it didn’t matter how much of a stone-cold lesbian you were
you had to do sex with a dude
and if you’re gonna break your vag streak for any dude
it might as well be the acknowledged king of everything, right?

so alexander and Thalestris bone
they say she was not super impressed by his physique
but she was at least THIRTEEN DAYS worth of impressed
so I’d say that’s a win for everybody
and finally
after what must have been a fantastically exhausting two weeks
Thalestris finally announces that she’s preggo
which is good
because if you can’t get preggo after banging Alexander the great for thirteen days
you are probably a witch
(or a dude
but I think Alexander would have maybe noticed that)

Alexander continues to romp and stomp for many years
before finally getting bored/shot with arrows/riddled with malaria
and heading home
where he proceeds to die from partying way too hard
all of which just goes to show
that if you live a life based solely on booze, boning, and wanton murder
you may live an incredibly sweet life
but when it finally comes time for you to die
it is still going to be incredibly sweet

happy birthday, miss biggs
and may your husband make sweet love to you for at LEAST thirteen straight days


9 thoughts on “Alexander The Great is a Torrent of Testosterone

    • Oh he definitely did. He had a best bro named Hephaestion or something who he boned all the time. I’m just saying if a chick seeks you out for the sole purpose of you getting her pregnant, you might be inclined to point out to her the conspicuous lack of certain crucial anatomy.

  1. I guess that Alexander dude was kind of interesting, but I’m here to know what this monkey anus business is about.

  2. Happy Birthday, Monkey-Anus Lady! Also Alexander the Great seems to operate primarily on whims and balls. I wonder if he ever figured out a way to fight and sex at the same time.

    …although that said, any sex with the queen of the amazons is going to be pretty vicious, I suspect.

  3. Okay, I’ve never posted before, but – you need to know this. According to an actual college-level history book and not Wikipedia, Alexander the Great’s death scene looked like this:

    GENERALS: To whom goes your kingdom, O king?
    ALEXANDER: To the strongest.

    It doesn’t say he laughed. But he totally did. Unless everyone was supposed to know who he meant, and then killed each other like jerks.

  4. Hey college level history guy, apparently the greek or whatever language he was talking for to the strongest sounds a lot like to Fred, except I forget what Freds name was.

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