Hey guys
i did the odyssey
on video
all of it

now i am going to ask you guys
to reach back into your collective memories
and ask yourselves

“What bizarre cosmic event
or happy coincidence
lead this shirtless guy
to record this sweet epic myth for the internets?”

well guys
the answer is simple
i did it for money

if you will recall
about a week ago
some kind soul donated
through that donation button
on the right side of the blog

and as very few of you probably remember
i promised
when i put that donation button there
that every time i got a total of 20 dollars donated to me
no matter how many people donated it
i was gonna do something epic as a thank you
this right here
is the kind of epic shit i am talking about

but lest you think i am some kind
of very educational whore
i need to tell you guys
what this money is going towards

see i am about to embark
on a months-long cross-country road trip
and in order to keep updating this blog
on the ambitious schedule i have been keeping
i need to buy one of those wireless broadband dealies
that let me access the internet from anywhere
for a monthly fee
and actually
it would be super sweet
if i could also buy a little solar panel
to put on top of my car
to power my laptop
because my cigarette lighter doesn’t work
plus ultimately I would like to get a website
somewhere other than blogspot
and make it nice
settle down, you know?
but look
the point is

if everybody who follows this blog
just gave me a dollar
I would be contractually obligated
to retell the iliad on video
skipping all the boring parts
plus it would probably cover a couple months
of on-the-road internet shenanigans
and then I’d be just ten more dollars away
from having to retell selections from Ovid’s
on video
and so on
you get where i am going with this

you could all just blackmail google
into paying me the 45 dollars they owe me

anyway here’s the thrilling conclusion of

PS: Here’s a fun game you can play
go back through all 7 episodes
and try and figure out when i am wearing pants
and when i am not

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