So I’ve been working on this for a while, and now here it is: Oedipus Unedited. (actually edited quite a lot. I just started experimenting with EQ and mastering and junk, and as you can tell, I am still in the “throwing wrenches at it and watching it explode” stage of experimentation. If any of you have mastering expertise, let me know.)

The sick beats are courtesy of this guy. Give him your money and your self-respect. He likes those things.

So lookie there, yall just got a free mp3 (except for Jason “Sexypecs” Nelson, who paid me 20 dollars to do this for you. WORSHIP HIM.)I mean it’s set up so you can pay money for it if you want to but come on, who here is going to do that?


PS: The current Myth Queue is
– Beowulf (someone actually paid me ten bucks to tell this one, so it jumps to the front. Also i’m gonna do it in 3 parts since it’s one LONG motherfucker.)
– Then Spring-heeled Jack
Also I have just been commissioned to write a rap version of the Song of Roland, which I haven’t even read. So that’s gonna be fun.
Keep requesting myths. I’ll keep taking your requests. You want to feel important, don’t you?

Also if you came late to the game, part 2 of the Aeneid is under this post.

The things I do for you people.

9 thoughts on “DOUBLEPOST! OEDIPUS!

  1. It's embedded in the post right there. Do you have flash blocked or something? You can also go to , but it should work on this page…

  2. Ah, okay, it was because I was using the Opera browser. The link worked, as did switching to firefox.
    But now I can only get the first minute and 29 seconds, when the lyrics and my assumptions say there should be more to it. :/

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