Here’s a story for you guys:
once upon a time there was a guy who was in grad school
this guy had the audacity
the bold-faced tiger-punching STUPIDITY
to take on two thesis projects due mere weeks apart
this young man found himself on a mystical journey
on which he would learn the true meaning of fatigue
and that yes, you can work twenty hours a day for a whole week
and subsist on nothing but coffee and beef jerky
as long as you don’t mind your body ragequitting while you’re trying to sew a fake moustache onto a webcam

the moral of the story
is that i feel deep down inside myself
that my eyeballs are bleeding and I need to go to bed
and so there is not going to be a myth today
and I am sorry for that

good night.

8 thoughts on “Eughhhh

  1. Sometimes when I’m really tired I want to cut out my eyes and replace them with a fresh pair that aren’t tired.

  2. Ovid, why oh why would you do TWO THESIS PROJECTS?! Crazy!

    Anyway – sleep and sleep. Take those two, and write us in the morning.

  3. hey, it’s fine, go sleep! And don’t work so hard you drown in the coffee you need to sustain a mere feeble consciousness! And we can all forgive you on account of MUSTACHES! You sir, are insane, and we can enjoy that insanity when it does not come with a free Ovid-Zombie.

  4. I have learned from this site that bold-faced tiger-punching stupidity is a recurring mythic element. I bet Jung wrote some cool stuff about it.

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