God Damn spelled backwards is almost Mad Dog, Which makes sense because I’m sure the Inferno is full of those

Hey metafilter what’s up
I see you like myths
good thing I forgot to wear a shirt today
otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to record THIS:

Sometimes I worry that God never had any really good ideas for hell
and he just sort of waited for Dante to come along
and then copied all the shit he came up with
it’ll suck if that turns out to be what happened

16 thoughts on “God Damn spelled backwards is almost Mad Dog, Which makes sense because I’m sure the Inferno is full of those

  1. So hey

    I've been reading your myths for a while

    They're pretty amazing and my roommate and I have been cracking up for hours

    And I can't help but notice that you write exactly like Dave Strider from MSPA

    is this intentional

    if it isn't i'm gonna do a motherfucking pirouette off the handle and win a gold medal or some shit

  2. It's funny because I said pretty much the exact same thing, like, just the other blog.

    Well, it was quite a few blogs ago, actually.

    My theory is that the character of Dave Strider was based on him, because Hussie has some kind of amazing ninja squirrel army, that goes around looking for cool dudes for him to emulate, or something.

  3. Pretty sure that this blog was started in 2010, though

    and Homestuck was created on 4/13/09

    so that theory kind of dies there


    I would not discount the ninja squirrels

    those are probably a thing that Hussie has

  4. I had a dream the other night where I was in Andrew Hussie's garage and he looked just like he draws himself in MSPA and he was showing people sweet shit he had made on scratchboards but then i didn't have pants. I mean I was holding my pants but for some reason i wasn't wearing them.

  5. Have you seen the crazy anime Dante's Inferno that is loosely based on the video game they made which was EXTREMELY loosely based on the book? The movie is a lot like the book only instead of randomly talking to people about Florentine politics he smashes demons in the face with a scythe.

    Dante is still a complete ass hole and he apparently has sex amnesia. He swears up and down and left and right that he never cheated on Beatrix while he was fighting in the Crusades, but then it turns out he was having chicks bang him so he would stop beating up their husbands.

    He also slaughters a couple thousand Muslim prisoners and blames it on Beatrix's brother who then gets executed for the crime.

    Meanwhile the devil made a bet with Beatrix that Dante would cheat on her. If the devil wins, he gets to take her pure soul to hell. If she wins, she gets to stick her tongue out at him or something. I don't remember them being too clear on what she would win or why she agreed to the bet in the first place.

    Anyway, it's just fucked up enough that I thought you might enjoy it. Check it out if you get some time.

  6. I am enjoying the Hell out of this series. I kind of want to commission you to retell all the Standard Shit I somehow missed in my time in the public school system…but I don't want to inflict Moby Dick on anyone. Also, it's even less of a myth than this is, so fuck that.

  7. I love this! And random fact: I'm in a classic lit class, where we just finished reading the Odyssey. I'm proud to say that I didn't actually read any of it; I just watched your vids. Thanks for doing me homework for me.

  8. I'm pretty secure in not going to Hell, simply because I am not from Florence and therefore know nothing about Florentine politics. I just wouldn't fit in.

    Also, I will never be able to read The Inferno the same way again. XD

  9. @Dionebacchus – did you pass your tests or your term papers or whatever because if so then i am going to feel like a hero

  10. Aha! Dionysus is actually Dionysius I of Syracuse, who was a tyrant of Syracuse who destroyed a tonne of cities and took over those places (or something like that, according to Wiki). So, not the god, so that's aright.

    Also, I have no idea why Capinaeus is here: he blasphemed against Zeus, apparently.

    • To be fair, I suppose Christians would look at the Dionysus story, see how similar it is to the Jesus one (among others), judge him to be some kind of false prophet or demon, and condemn him to hell.

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