Here’s the deal, internet: Fuck you

Every time i try to open Youtube in any browser my browser crashes.
I will have to wait until tomorrow to upload the video
once I find someplace where the internet is not constantly being shat into by evil gnomes
I am so tired i feel like hypnos is huffing my cerebellum
I have to work a twelve hour shift that combines plumbing and foodservice in the morning
I feel like i may be in graduate school but it’s hard to tell under all this furious dripping hatred
but other than that things are pretty good
I found a quarter today
and i got to eat a lot of free pizza
whenever i see a homeless man on the street now
I think “there but for the grace of free pizza go I”
I need to go away from the computer now before my eyes come out

Thank you for your patience

6 thoughts on “Here’s the deal, internet: Fuck you

  1. One of these days I will have a night off from rehearsal and also be in town. And on that night, we should eat pizza and play D&D and not worry about class or work. Let's make this happen.

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