Hey so it turns out that recording a video about jesus
while you are being forced by police to remain in constant motion
is harder than I thought
so I had to go home and catch up on some sleep
and do a video the old fashioned way

Seriously though, guys
the protesters occupying the space in front of the Federal Reserve here in Chicago are getting royally screwed. They can’t sleep there, they can’t store their stuff, in theory they can’t even sit down, and there’s not a decent spot for them to move to as far as I can see short of giving up the occupation altogether. The only solution I can see is if we get enough people out there that the cops can’t stop us all from setting up camp. So if you live in Chicago, and you’re sick to death of a select few evil bastards making millions by doing nothing more than sucking the lifeblood out of the American economy and buying out politicians, get down to Jackson and Lasalle and occupy already. If you don’t live in Chicago, find the occupation nearest you and do whatever you can to contribute. And don’t think living outside of the US is any excuse. There are occupations going down fucking EVERYWHERE. Who knows, I might even show up and tell you a story.

but yeah, here’s the video:

let’s beat the shit out of some moneylenders together, guys.

12 thoughts on “JESUS CHRIST FINALLY

  1. i'm slightly surprised that there was no mention of the father-daughter relationship between the dancer and the herod…ias?

  2. You're fucking kidding me. Wow, people just can't camp out in the middle of the fucking street? I bet you'd be pissed if a pack of losers was sitting on your front lawn, pissing around the back of your house, knocking on your door to use your toilet.

    You know what I'm sick of (as if you cared one bit)? I'm sick of millions of Americans insisting they deserve money from other people just for fucking existing.

    Take your protest to the asshole in chief, who bailed out all these greedy big banks. The fuckers in Washington are the ones who let the situation get this bad–they're the ones who have fostered this bullshit in the first place. Politicians getting paid off by corporations–that's what's going on. Were it not for the politicians, the goddamn corporations wouldn't have the power they do.

    Here I am, a small business owner, not rich (i.e. I make well less than $200,000 per year), not poor, and I'm the one getting fucked by assholes like these greedy protestors *and* the fucking president.

    Grow a clue. Stop playing childish little partisan politics.

    • “Were it not for the politicians, the goddamn corporations wouldn’t have the power they do.”

      Wow. Are you shitting me? You’re more fucking naive than those ‘Occupy Whatever’ people and that’s fucking saying something. However imperfect a system you have it will be far worse replaced with no government just rich people doing whatever the fuck they want – we’ve tried that before and historically it was fucking terrible.

  3. Hey, hey, guess what? Those protesters are addressing the buyoffs, the giant corporations. Nobody's trying to fuck with your small business, dude. People are angry at the CEO's making millions, getting tax breaks from the government for doing so, and then turning around and taking people's homes.

  4. @ Anon

    Maybe if you let them in when they asked to use your toilet they wouldn't have to piss round the back of your house?

    Just a thought

  5. @Anon How much tax to you pay? I know I pay about 40% and I know it's not used efficiently or effectively. It is use for things like giving banks money so they can turn around and foreclose on people who are good, honest and hard working folks that can't find a job that will allow them to live in anything but a cardboard box. Our tax is also used to give money to big companies based on out dated concepts, subsidies. Some of these are based on data decades old and no one is asking if they are STILL needed. Anyone taking home more then a million dollars a year is taking too much. NO ONE NEEDS THAT MUCH MONEY!! Especially in light of the millions of people that make less then 30k a year. Have you ever tried to live on that in 2011? YOU CAN'T LIVE ON THAT! These protest are very important in that they shed light on the top 1% holding 60% of the nation's wealth and using every dirty trick they can to keep it, ie paying less tax then the rest of us because they have access to loop holes put in place by the politicians they paid off! This country was a place where one could work hard and make a living, provide for a family and have a good life. Now, only some of us even have a CHANCE at that and ONLY IF WE DON'T GET SICK!!

  6. anonymous (the original) is a gutless troll who is too stupid to know his or her enemies.

    I thought this video was super, particularly the bit about Jesus' declaration that a rich man getting into heaven is like a camel passing through the eye of a needle. Even if "the eye of a needle" is a famous gate in Jerusalem that a camel couldn't pass through unless you took all of its packs off, I think it is a highly relevant part of the Christian Bible and sort of wish that somehow you *had* been able to re-tell it on the steps of the Federal Reserve. Oh what might have been…

  7. If I recall correctly, the number of times you’re supposed to forgive people isn’t seventy-seven, but seventy TIMES seven. As in, like, multiplication. At least, that’s what Veggie Tales taught me.

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