Krishna Probably Has Terrible Dental Hygiene

Last week I told you about what a larcenous lardass little Krishna is
so today I feel it is only fair
to explain to you why it is
that his foster momma Yasoda lets him get away with this shit
(spoilers: it’s because he’s a god)

Basically what it comes down to
is that butter is not the only thing Krishna is constantly stuffing in his mouth
matter of fact
there are few things Krishna WON’T shove through the ol’ tooth-hole
seriously, if you cut open the child-god’s stomach
it’d be a cross between candyland and a dead shark
mountains of sugar-butter just barely obscuring old boots and tires and less immortal children
so naturally Yasoda starts to get a little worried
cause she’s supposed to be taking care of this kid
and he’s just eating whatever shit comes his way
she’s never seen him eat actual shit, but she knows it’s just a matter of time
and at this time, Kansa is still king
so the department of child welfare is under his control
so she can’t afford another complaint from the neighbors

all this to say
that she gets a little paranoid about what Krishna is putting in his mouth
so one day she sees him out in the garden with a big handful of dirt
chewing thoughtfully
and Krishna is like what
what dirt?
and he’s like I ain’t got no dirt in my mouth
and Yasoda is like oh come on you impudent baby
you are clearly eating soil right now
and he’s like no i’m not
and she’s like okay, prove it
open up your mouth and let me look inside
(it just occured to me that there are probably a lot more situations in life
where you are encouraged to swallow, as opposed to discouraged
just something to ponder)

so Krishna is like fine
and he opens his mouth
and Yasoda looks inside
and sees
like there’s the earth
and space
and the ghosts of christmas past present and future
high-fiving the flying spaghetti monster
and Jesus and Sekhmet are having a boat race
and Cthulu is there
and there are supernovas going off all the time
and cosmic dust, and everybody’s embarassing secrets
all the shit you haven’t done yet, but could potentially do if you were drunk enough
plus all the booze to make it happen
plus all the oxygen
all the carbon
all the hydrogen, helium and goldfish snack crackers necessary for life as we know it
plus a really big gross tongue
and Yasoda is like

so Krishna closes his mouth
and Yasoda is like okay so obviously you’re the lord of the universe
that is what that means
but you know what else that means?
it means you were LYING, you little shit
you totally have dirt in your mouth!
you have literally ALL OF THE DIRT IN YOUR MOUTH
then she bends him over her knee
and spanks the crap out of him
it takes a while
there is a lot of crap to spank out.

So the moral of the story
is that you shouldn’t put everything you encounter in your mouth
but if you have everything in your mouth already
you’re pretty set
what I mean is, there’s always a loophole
and sometimes that hole is your mouth

the end.

5 thoughts on “Krishna Probably Has Terrible Dental Hygiene

  1. So, in the universe was there also a Krishna? Who also had the universe in his mouth? And if so, did that universe also have a Krishna, and so on, and so forth? Is this a infinite regress of universes? Or is it just one with a really weird feedback loop or something? Why is Hinduism so trippy?

  2. 1. I finally finished reading and watching all the myths you ever retold on the whole website. I feel victorious.
    2. If you’re looking for ideas, which I’m sure you usually are, you should totally start writing about Arthur & company again. Preferably as much as possible. It’s been a while and there’s still SO MUCH of the story that has not yet been touched by your retelling magic.

  3. This… just kept getting better. Especially love your description of the universe in Krishna’s mouth.
    You mentioned before that Vishnu/Krishna is basically a cross between Jesus and a timelord – is he a Tardis now too?

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