No Video Tonight Guys

I have been occupying Chicago for the better part of the last 48 hours
(actually more like two months but you know what I mean)
and while I have done the reading necessary to do the next Jesus video
I have not actually been at my computer long enough to record one
and I have slept even less than I have been at my computer.
I hope to record the next video on the street tomorrow in front of the fed
and you can enjoy wacky jesus hijinks then
(also this will not effect regular posts, I promise)
what the fuck are you guys doing reading this shit?

3 thoughts on “No Video Tonight Guys

  1. Wow, at this point you're pretty much running a Jesus LARP. Knot up a cord! Kick some moneylender ass! Ride an ass! Get some palm fronds! It will be the most epic RETOLD ever.

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