Nobody said Genesis but I did it anyway

Here is episode 2 of god being a dick
guys have you ever gone to a contemporary art museum
expecting to see some sweet contemporary art
only to find a bunch of different canvasses nailed together
each one painted a different solid color
or like
a whole room full of white canvasses
maybe one of them says AIDS on it
but it’s hard to tell
when i see things like this
it makes me want to be bill-gates rich
so i can buy out the museum
build an igloo out of this shit
and set the igloo on fire
and then sell it to another museum
for ten times what those paintings were worth
anyway here’s my masterpiece

you know why my plan works?
because FIRE increases VALUE.

3 thoughts on “Nobody said Genesis but I did it anyway

  1. I CRACKED UP when you started juggling to fill in the narrative about Sodom and Gomorrah. ROFL It could be because it's like two in the morning, or the fact I've been reading your blog pretty much nonstop since Friday…or any number of things really, but seriously, I'm laughing my butt off. XD

    You rock. And I have given out your blog to like…everyone I freaking know. XD

  2. Okay…I think your comment section might hate me though…

    Instead of what I typed in to say, it gave a whole string of computer gibberish that probably says something like "I'm going to eat your babies" or something…

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