One time i played a Bible-themed rhythm game. It was called Para Para Paradise Lost

Oh hey guys i forgot to tell you i got into grad school
you can stop saying nice things about me on here now
anyway here’s a video that shows why i deserve to be in grad school

all future shirt sales go towards the “DIG ME THE FUCK OUT OF STUDENT DEBT” fund

13 thoughts on “One time i played a Bible-themed rhythm game. It was called Para Para Paradise Lost

  1. Congratulations on grad school! Prepare for years of unending misery and torment that you will strangely look back to with fondness! ^_^

    /scrapes up money for t-shirt for this worthy cause.

  2. It's cool, man. Speak softly and carry a big stick and stock up on ramen. Grad school will be cake. Well not really, but sometimes you get cake at meetings.

  3. Dude, CONGRATULATIONS. Go kick some grad school ass. I just switched to an English major like I really always wanted, so… hell yeah! Poor forever!

  4. Philosophy can be lucrative. You can confuse people long enough to steel their children and sell them to gypsies. You also can justify anything: a skill which is too valuable to be quantifiable with monetary gain.

    Also: CONGRATULATIONS! May you never be so poor as to have to eat your pocket shoes.

  5. Don't fret. I know a dude that got an MFA, and he actually makes tons of money now.

    Of course, he now works in the oil industry, but he DOES have an MFA. QED you will also make millions.

  6. Well, Theres, I have no doubt that you are a super cool dude. However, one of the people in my class thinks he is a knowledge fuckin' HUB for philosophy. And about everything else. And he LOVES to say dude. So, idk bro. Idk.

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