THE DREAM QUEST OF UNKNOWN KADATH is a pretty long name for a book

Alright guys
some wealthy benefactors
just dug their fat jeweled hands into their immense moneypouches
and produced enough glittering gold coins to persuade me to do THIS LOVECRAFT STORY
it’s gonna be great
i finally get to use this skulls and explosions hat
also this brand new invisible shirt

i originally wrote moneypouches as moneypunches

12 thoughts on “THE DREAM QUEST OF UNKNOWN KADATH is a pretty long name for a book

  1. I haven't watched the video – might dig into my own moneypunch (heh), if I ever get one, to pay for transcriptions of the videos… or.. oh WAIT, I make my living as a transcriptionist, I could do that myself!! And PAY myself for it! Oh, but I'd have to watch the video to transcribe it, so that doesn't work…

    .. Where was I?

    Oh yeah: I haven't watched the video, but I must say that I like this invisible shirt MUCH better than your other invisible shirts. I hope you threw them away, they were all ratty and full of invisible holes and invisible sweat stains. THIS invisible shirt, however, is the bomb diggity.

  2. You look best in an invisible shit. This reminds me that instead of doing things like saving up to go back to college, I should just give all of my money to you forever.

  3. Great vid! Just got the first shirt ever sent to New Zealand today haha. Love the Norse Crisis flow chart. I will wear and think of Loki, fucking everything up.

  4. @Elayne: There are KIND OF transcriptions, inasmuch as I post the outlines I make in the description section of each video now. More than that I don't have time for 🙁

  5. @Ovid: I just need to get over myself and my (and my computer's) weird video issues, or else get caught up on all the other shit that needs doing so I don't feel antsy and distracted and guilty for watching videos. (Oddly I can read 75 pages and not feel like I'm wasting time, because that's READING!, y'know?)

    If/when I do, I can try to do full transcriptions if anyone other than me is interested in them. It'll make me feel more like I'm being helpful. I doubt anyone else would care, but..

  6. Dude the smell of all those cats re-entering the atmosphere would be freaking nasty.
    Or maybe the dream world doesn't have one, they seem to say FUCK THIS SHIT to anything, you know… normal.

  7. The only problem with your blog is that every time I visit it, I experience random bursts of laughter for half an hour afterward, and my roommates think I'm nuts.

  8. Count me in for that transcription request, Elayne! I always miss out on the video ones cause I live with always-sleeping roommates and my work won't let me watch them. 🙁

    A Nonny Mouse

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