The Satyricon is Like a Road Trip Movie Directed by the Quentin Tarantino of Sex

So yeah, I lied about Journey to the West
I’m still reading it
but I didn’t want to keep y’all waiting while I did
and a lot of people wanted me to do this one
so I’m finally doing it
enjoy it or fuck off

ah, the romans

5 thoughts on “The Satyricon is Like a Road Trip Movie Directed by the Quentin Tarantino of Sex

  1. You style of storytelling both written and oral is fucking great! I listen/watch the videos at work and read them to a fellow mythology nerd. Keep up the great work! Also the tales of your life are fucking stellar as well and thank you for sharing that!

  2. Okay so I get that a lot of these ancient myths have some amount of sexual violence in them and I super appreciate that you divert your jokes away from that, but I feel at a certain point you should slap some kind of warning on these things anyways because what happened is I saw like the first 30 seconds of this where you were being all funny and I posted it to my Facebook and then I continued watching and scrambled as fast as I could to delete that post because several of my friends have been victims of rape and/or childhood sexual abuse and I realized that they’d probably be really upset seeing this. It’s a mistake I’ll be sure to avoid in the future, but I feel it would also be appropriate for you to have some kind of warning because this scenario that just played out is hardly the only possibility by which someone could be harmed by this sort of thing. Thank you.

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