The Way Things Are Going to Be

Alright guys.

So you may have noticed that recently I have been getting lazy. I have been missing days when I would usually update, and the normally sparkling quality of my prose has become degraded.

Here is what’s up: I am tired.

I’m not gonna bitch on and on about it, because honestly this whole site is an incredibly sweet deal as far as I am concerned, and y’all are phenomenal/slightly deranged for continuing to indulge me. But the fact remains that I’m tired, and I’m taking a break.

But the internet is a voracious sarlaag when it comes to entertainment, and I am not so foolish as to go radio silent for a full month and a half. (that’s how long I’ll be gone for. I’m fucking off to a farm for a while) So here’s what I’m gonna do: Last semester in school I made a bunch of comics, so I’m gonna set the site up to post those, three times a week, from now until August 23rd.

ABOUT THESE COMICS: These comics have nothing to do with mythology. They aren’t comedy, either. The art is kinda dodgy, because I generally use my hands for writing and not pictures, but I wouldn’t be posting these if I didn’t think you’d get a kick out of them. I’m actually pretty proud of them. By the time I get back, there will be three stories up. The first one is 4 pages and is about what happens when you accidentally crawl out of your own chest in the middle of a dream. The second one is an eight-page story about a boy, his canteen, and the Afghani opium trade. The third one is a twelve-pager about a traveling salesman who peddles madness.

If this all pisses you off and you hate the comics, that’s okay. You can come back in late August, when I will be back with more tales of gods and the wacky things they try to put in each others’ butts. And in the meantime, there’s over 350 myths for you to look at. And there’s that book that’ll be coming out in March. What I’m saying is deal with it. So without Further ado, here’s the cover of that first story I mentioned, which is called:
If you are allergic to looking at brooms, this might not be the comic for you.
The story will begin on Thursday. Hope you enjoy it!

Ovidius Publius Naso

30 thoughts on “The Way Things Are Going to Be

  1. You are a hero for continuing to update even though you are going away. Thank you for not letting me get bored with the internet.

  2. Have a great time, don’t feel the least bit guilty for being kind to yourself, and the stories sound terrific–I’m looking forward to them.

  3. “and is about what happens when you accidentally crawl out of your own chest in the middle of a dream”

    I hate when that happens.

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