this is your master blog designer

And this is her announcement:

Blogger’s being screwy right now and html editing isn’t available at the moment. This happened the day I was supposed to import the design, so that’s super convenient and, frankly, fills me with unparalleled joy. I mean, yeah, I love looking like an idiot.

So we’re stuck with the default minima template until Blogger gets their act together.


4 thoughts on “this is your master blog designer

  1. Oh thank god. I'm glad this is only temporary. I was all set to say how shitty it looks.

    Good luck with the technical difficulties. I'm excited to see how it looks once it's all done but I make no promises that I won't still say it looks shitty.

  2. I give the design a C+. I will not destroy your planet, but neither will I give you my recipe for immortality.

    If you get that reference, you win 1.5 internets.

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