Well, I’m Back

Sup guys

It’s been, what, seven years since I last posted on this website? It’s insane to me that I’ve been alive long enough that seven years feels like a semi-negligible amount of time. When I’m bored on the internet, my fingers still find themselves wanting to type in this url, just to check the comments, see how the latest post is doing. Seven years, and the habit hasn’t left me.

And now I’m back. Why? Well, a lot of reasons. For one thing, I’ve got a couple new projects coming out that I want to tell you about — audiobook versions of Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes and George Washington is Cash Money available on May 23rd, plus a friggin NOVEL available some time in the distant future. But one big reason is that I want the excuse to write again.

Updating the site became a chore towards the end of my run, (mostly because I was trying to crank out myths once or twice a week, and that was an insane thing to be doing) but it also gave me accountability. I couldn’t just dick around with my writing forever, trying to make it perfect. There were hungry eyeballs on the internet, and they demanded to be fed. Hungry eyeballs feels like a mixed metaphor, I probably could have done better, but there’s NO TIME, I’ve got to POST THIS SHIT.

It was also nice to have something to do that wasn’t a big continuous project. Since leaving the site behind I’ve mostly worked on video games (Monster Prom and Holovista being two of the biggest ones) and book-length fiction, stuff that requires years of continuous attention, editing, iterating. I like doing those things, but I miss just writing some shit and posting it, without worrying about what the next chapter is going to look like.

Starting the site back up is also scary, though. Accountability is cool and everything, but it also sucks ass and I hate it. What if I post this, make a big deal out of being back, and then it turns out I don’t want to be back? What if two months from now I run out of ideas, get tired, want to quit? Wouldn’t that be worse than not having tried at all?

Truth is, I’ve thought about doing this for at least a couple of years at this point. And every time I get close, it’s that thought that stops me. What if I don’t have anything to say? What if I do have something to say, but it’s too hard and I’m not up to it? As somebody who struggles with depression, the weight of those questions was enough to keep me down.


I mean, fuck it. How many people even still read this website? Worst case scenario, I disappoint like twelve of you. So here we go.


I’m gonna post about once or twice a month. The posts are going to be little essays about storytelling, the internet, and the work of being a writer. You are going to read these posts, and tell me how great I am. And because I know nobody reads websites anymore, I set up a little newsletter that will notify you whenever a new post goes up. You can sign up for that right here:

So hello again, old friends. This should be fun.

18 thoughts on “Well, I’m Back

  1. Make that 7 with the RSS Readers. Still hungry for more word-food for our eyeballs.

    So glad and excited to see your post!

  2. 10th person to disappoint here and accounted for. Hoping the other 2 fans come by as well.

    Glad you’re back for whatever you’re up to.

  3. Awesome! Use your writing here to your hearts content. The ebbs and fliws of creative processes is the most exciting part of an audiences experience. The exciting just seeing an update brightened my day.

  4. Oh hey, you just showed up in my “rare or old stuff” section of RSS feeds. Glad I kept hoarding the links, and VERY glad that you’re back.:)

  5. Ovid, dude,

    You helped me survive (and stay mostly sane through) the year-long month of March, 2020. Your shouts into the void helped me shake my head at humanity’s insanity rather than shaking in rage. I chuckled rather than screamed, and for that I can never thank you enough.

    So I drop in today looking to lighten my mood, and find a new post. The sun no longer shines darkly: we’re out of black & white and into full Technicolor now! Regardless of frequency, I’ll take any musings you care to post.

    Keep the faith, man

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