When I say GENES you say IS

ok guys
i deleted that last post
because i don’t want any posts on my blog
that are not sweet myths
or at least myths of some kind
don’t worry, people who recommended myths in that post
i remember what you recommended
and those were some pretty badass suggestions
and i’ll totally do them
speaking of totally doing things
here is a myth about that

by the way that was the LAST PART OF THE BOOK OF GENESIS
hope you enjoyed it

now if people actually read this blog
i could take a vote on which myth you would rather hear next
beowulf or the mabinogi
but oh well.

4 thoughts on “When I say GENES you say IS

  1. Personally I want to see Beowulf, if only because I have always been disproportionately amused by the "next big monster" after Grendel being his *mom*.

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