In the end, it EXODUSn’t even matter

hey guys
if you are here as a result of Ryan North’s excellent internet comedy contraption
also you should scroll down past all these videos and read some text myths
like this one or this one or this one
because some of those are pretty awesome
and they are mainly what this site is made out of
and anyway this video is part 3 of an ongoing series
so you might be a little out of the loop if you just watch this one

I think i might start wearing this hat every day.

7 thoughts on “In the end, it EXODUSn’t even matter

  1. I'm not cool enough to have made it here before, but luckily Dinosaur Comics had my back. I just wanted to say that these myths are constructed entirely from weapons-grade awesome, and reading them aloud is, like, physically impossible due to comedy-induced spasms. They are good.

    Also, if anyone reading is friends with a publisher, is a publisher, has sex with a publisher, or is pregnant with a child who shall someday publish, get them on this. Because if this doesn't deserve to be published with crude illustrations on each page, nothing deserves to be published with crude illustrations on each page.

  2. So I thought you would like this little additional story of god's bullshit.

    You mention moses hitting a rock to get water, but there's a midrash that tells the story that god actually told moses to ask the boulder for water. But moses was way to pissed at god in general so he was like fuck that and instead of politely asking this rock for water, just beat the fuck out of it with his staff.

    Water came out anyway, and from what I remember no one ever fucking mentions it again, until god finally leads them to the promised land and has moses scope it out on a giant eagle's back (akin to gandalf?). And god is telling moses how good the land will be, and then he's like WELL YOUR PEOPLE GET TO ENJOY IT, YOU DON'T BECAUSE YOU HIT THAT ROCK THAT ONE TIME.

    so yeah, I always loved that.


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