No myth today because I’m some kind of sleep-needing pansy

Hey guys
did you read the title?
Yeah, that’s what this post is about.
Not much else to say except to perhaps tell you that this week
I learned that you cannot survive indefinitely on five hour energy and poptarts
I also learned that you have to be over 18 to buy five-hour energy shots
i dunno
that’s pretty scary
it’s hard for me to expend much mental energy worrying about it though
because right now about a hundred percent of my brain
is devoted to yelling GO TO SLEEP real real loud
so I figure
it’s prolly better not to waste your time with a shitty myth
when what I really need to be doing
is recovering from this clusterfuck
i love you etc.

– Ovid

4 thoughts on “No myth today because I’m some kind of sleep-needing pansy

  1. Oh dude, I know what that is like. Last time I stayed up for five straight days, I hallucinated fish coming out of peoples’ faces. Go to bed. SLEEP.

  2. Rest, good fellow, and rise full of vigour for that inevitable day when you drive all before you. As my dear ol’ grannie used to say.

  3. And to follow up fgfds, I’ll add in Exit Pursued By A Bear.

    Which does remind me of an excellent play that I think you’d like. It’s called ‘Mmmbeth’ and it is a delightful spoof on the Scottish Play.

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