The Oresteia … Is a Hard Word to Make Puns Out of

So a long long time ago
this dude gave me a copy of this book
he was like “You should read this book”
and I was like “Okay”
and then i DIDN’T
but then later, I DID

And remember
if you want to force me to do MORE VIDEOS
go here and do what the words tell you to do

7 thoughts on “The Oresteia … Is a Hard Word to Make Puns Out of

  1. It is indeed a most marvelous hat. However, I must admit I was a little disappointed to learn that you made this video while wearing pants. It completely screwed with my mental image of you.

  2. Besides seriously wondering if you were wearing pants during that video, I really enjoyed the story. But, I wonder, why didn’t his daughter like realize she might be sacrificed and lose her virginity at some point before or during that voyage in order to avoid being sacrificed? Or be like, “Hey, Dad, totally not a virgin.” She could have saved herself a lot of pain (in the mortal woundy way).

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