The Satyricon is a Blitzkrieg of Boobs

Oh man, I totally needed those days off
I feel way better now
in fact, I feel awesome
yesterday I shaved my nut-hair for the first time ever
which actually was a harrowing experience
and I don’t recommend it to anyone
especially if you have nuts
but whatever, it’s almost summer
the birds are chirping
the flowers are secreting poison for my sinuses
and love is in the fucking air
here is a video about none of that:

As always, thanks for investing some of your precious time in my exuberant, hairless chest

One thought on “The Satyricon is a Blitzkrieg of Boobs

  1. So… What you’re telling me, is that…

    You get shipwrecked on an island of assholes who are just as asshole as you are.

    Shouldn’t there be some concern about competition from other assholes?

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