What kind of Iliad is it? The MOTHERFUCKING kind. That’s what kind.

So alright
literally like 30 minutes after i posted that last myth
with that shameless plea for money
a kind kind soul
(whose name i will not divulge
out of courtesy
because i know all you bastards would be at his or her door
tomorrow morning
with your tin cups out)
gave me twenty american dollars
I have now made enough money off this blog
to afford the little wireless device
that will give me internet wherever I go
I ordered it two minutes ago
and UPS is bringing it to the house i have broken into
and slept in for the past week and a half
so thank you, kind stranger
here is your awesome reward
or at least 1/4 of it

new city
new hat
same shirtless

4 thoughts on “What kind of Iliad is it? The MOTHERFUCKING kind. That’s what kind.

  1. Sadly my computer's speakers do not understand how to speak any more or I guess my computer doesn't know what sound is because I am watching a man in a straw hat rant about myths but I just can't lipread well enough to find it funny. This is the worst day.

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  3. Congrats, you are now my hero. “Hey you got comedy on my mythology”, “No, you got mythology on my comedy”. Cheers for taking the time to make this happen

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