At least the iliad didn’t fuck your dad too OH WAIT

So this is the last one
happily coinciding with the day
that the echeck that fine superhero of a fan sent to me
actually cleared
also perfect timing
because tomorrow
or maybe the day after tomorrow
i am going to get in a car
and drive to Denver Colorado
and start making some serious use
of this little mobile broadband thing i bought
anyway who gives a shit
let’s hear about dead bodies

Next time i get a total of 20 bucks
I’ll probably do the Aeneid
Unless you have a better idea


2 thoughts on “At least the iliad didn’t fuck your dad too OH WAIT

  1. I think the face in the background is a great touch. The TV face. Like, wuuuuuooooooaaaaaaaa, the Illiad is overrrr…. The end that you never thought would come…

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