Kali gets jiggy with it

So it has come to my attention
that one of the few mythoses
which i have not stuck my grubby appendages into
is the pantheon
of India
watch as I rectify that

so kali right

she is this badass trick alright
she is a chick
who wears a necklace of HUMAN HEADS
has four arms
with which to hold swords
and is the goddess of like

but then
there is this other chick
who has TEN ARMS
and rides on LIONS
and is always carrying like
weapons AND flowers
well ok i guess the flowers dont help much
but anyway
at the beginning of this myth
Durga is trying to kill the shit out of this demon
and raktabija is having none of it
actually he is having less than none of it
because every time durga cuts him
his blood goes flying everywhere
and turns into MORE OF HIM
so the only way to win in this situation
and in fact really actually
even that wouldn’t work
because then raktabija would kill you
so Durga gets fed up with this bullshit
and she is like HEY KALI
and Kali comes shooting out of Durga’s forehead
all like WHAT
and durga is like shit yes there are
how about these billion demons i just created
and kali is like THAT WILL DO NICELY

so then kali just drinks ALL of raktabija’s blood
and then she hangs some of them i guess cause she has a bunch of nooses
on top of all the swords she also has
and then she puts all the duplicates into her mouth
just sort of places them there
and then murders them all
and spits them all back out all the fuck over everywhere

so then she’s standing in a field of dead bodies
and there is nothing kali likes more
than standing in a field
of dead bodies
and she starts boogieing the FUCK out
PS how come spell check thinks boogieing is a word
i am pleasantly surprised

anyway kali is a motherfucking disco inferno all over these corpses
stomping their fucking teeth out all over the place
and one of the bodies
for some reason
is Kali’s husband shiva
dunno what the fuck he was doing there
wearing a demon constume?
was this some kind of like
demon convention
where he was cosplaying?
i don’t fucking know
all i know is shiva seems like kind of a loser
because in all the pictures of him i can find
kali is either standing on his back
or standing on his face
and this is in fact exactly what starts happening now
and shiva is like OW WIFE FUCK OW WHAT
and kali is like oh shit i’m sorry
and she stops dancing
and i guess the rest of the dead bodies are saved

so the moral of the story is
do not get married
because your husband
might end up being one of the dead bodies you are trampling
and his anguished cries
will totally buzzkill the party

the end

26 thoughts on “Kali gets jiggy with it

  1. Oh man. I laughed so hard I almost pissed my pants.
    Maybe it's just me being weird with the Hindus or whatever, but I went to Nepal the other month to see how the Gods were being celebrated for being all mighty and shit, and this just made Shiva look like a pussy.

    Thanks for the constant entertainment and reason for procrastination.

  2. The reason that Shiva laid down and let Kali dance on him is because her victory dance was so hardcore that it was threatening to destroy the universe.

    Also the reason why you always see her with her tongue out is because when she realized she was curb stomping her husband she bit her own tongue in shame, which I guess is like Hindu goddess for “my bad”.

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    In future use bull (taurean) shit to do abhishekam of the retardad chandala Shiva and also Kali. Let them live on Bull Shit.

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    In India the reddy caste bastards make extensive use of Kali tantra to get construction labourours created and use them as boothas or prethas for hard labour.

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    The story of Hindu gods, godesses, chandala (Shiva) and chandali (Kali) is not a mythology anymore as it is proven to the world in defferent ways. So the title of this webpage should be hindu reality and not mythology.

    When you come to India Shiva and Kalamma will Invite you and show you the slums, mental hospital, graveyards that Congress and JDS party people have created and also the fucktard Shiva and Kali worshipping bastards and bitches have created with the power of chandala tantras.

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  16. nadi should be corrected as naadi. Nara and nadi means nervous and arteries and veins and also subtle physcic pranic channels.

    The subtle pranic channels of bootha’s and pretha’s (contruction labourours, little bootha patients with mind partly dead and big bootha patients) will be under the control of Kali women (reddy, gowda, lingayat, and other Shiva and Kali worshipping caste women and also Shani and Chandi Muslim’s in India). The boothas are trained by Congress and JDS Kali women to feast on chicken, goat, sheep, pig and other dead bodies so that Samshan Kali or graveyard Kali women can easily convert the boothas to non-vegitarian pindas so that chicken and pig selling Chandali in India can make a living.

  17. So, It is not the bull (taurean) which is mad but it is Kali women chandalis who try to make bull mad by getting Kali or Samshan Kali tantra performed and not allowing vishnu worshipper bull not to get Maha Sudarshana Homam performed.

    Come to India and count how many bull boothas/ prethas and other zodiac sign boothas/prethas live in Samshan/graveyard created by Congress and JDS reddy, gowda, Muslims, and other chandala castes people.

  18. When a person is under the effect of Samshan Kali Tantra he is dead to the outer world (as I the bull have experienced) and he will not feel any pain even if his hands or nailed or cut off like it was done to Jesus because the mind and prana will be totally and deeply under the control of Kali tantra (performed or gotten performed by Chandalis) to destroy bull’s life and call it mad and use it to hang on and make a living and supply dead bull’s for her fucking husband Shiva or Shivanna to erect his lingam and act like God.

  19. Shiva and Kali worshippers (Chandalas and Chandalis) also know when and how to tie mystic talisman to stepni bull.

    In India Congress Muslim Chandalas alo learn the mystic Shiva’s tantra from retarded guru and use it to tie talisman to bull of other caste.

  20. Another thing about fucking Shiva or retarded Shiva worshipper chandala is that he uses stepni bull (taurean) to show his manliness to Kali by letting Kali call bull as mad bull and then Shivanna’s and Kalamma’s lingas erect and they fuck like hardcore bastards and bitches in their Samshan or graveyard.

  21. Poem here corrected according to fucking Shiva and bitch Kali.


    You the Shiva are retarded and has to carry the Samshan (graveyard), stepnis and boothas and prethas that you and your fucking wife Kali has created

    Don’t Don’t make bull carry the Samshan, boothas, prethas that you and your fucking bitchy Kali has created.

    Release the bull and if possible create some other fucking story of yourself.

  22. Corrected after bitch Kali effect removed from mind.

    So, It is not the bull (taurean) which is mad but it is Kali women chandalis who try to make bull mad by getting Kali or Samshan Kali tantra performed on bull and not allowing vishnu worshipper bull to get Maha Sudarshana Homam performed.

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