THE RING CYCLE is actually an event in men’s gymnastics

Guys, it just occurred to me
what the fuck is guff?
like when you refuse to take any guff
what exactly is it that you are turning down?
is it big wheelbarrows full of shit?
is guff like shit?
or is guff an unknown quantity in unlabeled brown paper
tied with twine
and it could be anything
it could be rubies or sex lasers
but you just turn it away at the door
just rejecting forklifts full of the stuff
no questions asked????

Think about that the next time you refuse some guff.

THE RING CYCLE actually sounds more like a vehicle from TRON now that I think about it

Alright so I’m kinda cheating a little bit today
in that I am not going to write a myth
I am just posting this video myth
because I have to pack in preparation for flying back to bumfuck antarctica, Illinois
but this is a pretty sweet video though so i think it’s okay
and anyway maybe I’ll post a myth tomorrow or something

I’ll tell you who knows


Hey so it turns out that recording a video about jesus
while you are being forced by police to remain in constant motion
is harder than I thought
so I had to go home and catch up on some sleep
and do a video the old fashioned way

Seriously though, guys
the protesters occupying the space in front of the Federal Reserve here in Chicago are getting royally screwed. They can’t sleep there, they can’t store their stuff, in theory they can’t even sit down, and there’s not a decent spot for them to move to as far as I can see short of giving up the occupation altogether. The only solution I can see is if we get enough people out there that the cops can’t stop us all from setting up camp. So if you live in Chicago, and you’re sick to death of a select few evil bastards making millions by doing nothing more than sucking the lifeblood out of the American economy and buying out politicians, get down to Jackson and Lasalle and occupy already. If you don’t live in Chicago, find the occupation nearest you and do whatever you can to contribute. And don’t think living outside of the US is any excuse. There are occupations going down fucking EVERYWHERE. Who knows, I might even show up and tell you a story.

but yeah, here’s the video:

let’s beat the shit out of some moneylenders together, guys.